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Mp3 Skype recorder is easy to use software on windows. The tool comes with a simple interface that can be handled by everyone; it does not matter whether you are a new user or an advanced one. You will still be in position to use it and everything about this tool is direct so you will not find any troubles once you decide to use mp3 Skype.

If you are the kind of person who uses Skype to interact with friends and relatives all the time, this is the software that would be handy for you. It will allow you to record all those Skype conversations you keep having on Skype and later re watch them in the future as reference or just memories.

The software guarantees to record Skype conversations automatically as soon as you start a Skype conversation. Is it just amazing how you can just call or receive a Skype call and then the app starts recording them without you having to first set it, i think it is a convenient feature more so when it comes to recording stuff like interviews and conferences, but, it also gives you the freedom to change the automatic recording if at all you find it inconveniencing and enable the manual recording.

Mainly, the software records video and audio conversations you make in Skype and store them for a quick playback in case you need them; the audio Skype calls are stored in the mp3 file format using the Lame mp3 encoder. As you record your Skype conversations, the sound quality will remain perfect which makes the recordings clear enough. Now, stop looking anywhere else and install Mp3 Skype recorder on your computer to start storing your interviews and personal conversations for future use, it is 100% compatible with windows vista, windows XP and windows 7 etc.

Features of MP3 Skype Recorder

  • Mp3 Skype recorder will give you the total satisfaction of recording Skype conversations at a free cost; this tool will let you enjoy your recording moments without any panic because it is unlimited. Not only will this app record p2p calls but also conferences & SkypeOut conversations ensuring good high-quality sound.
  • Another fantastic feature about mp3 Skype recorder is that, you will not have to only focus on Skype recording but also you will try to do other proceedings at the same time of your recording. The app can be invisible during you recording which allows you to open various web pages on your computer, play music and games.
  • It has a pause button which most people look for in Skype recorder, no person wants to have a recorder which does not free them while recording Skype calls. It is a common thing to pause calls when you get interruptions, so basically, this tool is offering you with all the little details you might be critical about. When you record, you will be able to click the pause button and also resume when you are ready to continue with your Skype recording conversations. Making your life much easier whenever you get to record a call.

Disadvantages of Mp3 Skype Recorder

  • The most irritating thing about mp3 Skype recorder is that it has very many ads, they keep on popping up which is something users have complained about.
  • When you start recording your Skype conversations with this app, i think it’s best to inspect if the recording is in the process because it will not notify you during the recording. So imagine, it did not notify you and also the recording is probably not taking place, by the time you realise it would be late or you will even be about to end the call which would result into frustration.


Mp3 Skype Recorder software provides you with all the Skype recording services or functions you need in a recorder. The program will store your Skype calls in the compact & commonly used format. I promise you, you will not regret using it for recording your calls. it is lightweight and contains no virus which may damage you computer in the long run. I propose you install it and experience the good work it has to offer you during your Skype recording.









Supertintin Skype Recorder is one of those applications that provide both video and audio Skype calls on windows. For that matter, it is widely used to record people’s conversations that they can always refer to in the future. The program is skilful and has a direct interface that does not require much to do when you install it. Calls you make in Skype are automatically recorded by Supertintin. It does that every time you begin a Skype call, you must wonder how? Well, automatic recording is its default setting so whether it’s incoming or outgoing, the app will just record the Skype call, although it also supports manual recording, like the sayings goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” precisely meaning not everyone would prefer their calls to be recorded automatically, other people will want to record their Skype calls manually because it’s what they feel comfortable with for personal reasons.

With this tool you will be able to record video Skype calls in the mode that you think is excellent, you will have options to choose from like remote only, local only, picture in picture or side by side mode. You are free to explore them all to finally settle with one during your Skype video recording conversation.

Furthermore, you will find Supertintin Skype recorder in two versions; it all depends on what your motive is. There is the free trial version which allows users to record calls for free for a limited period of time which is just 15 minutes. I find it worthy regardless because it gives you a hit on how the software works and want you would expect it to do if you ever make up your mind and upgrade, then the other version is the one that you pay for and lets you record unlimitedly both video and audio Skype conversations.

How to Use Supertintin to Record Skype Calls

Supertintin is very easy to install on your windows that it will just be a walk-over.


  • First of all, have Skype on your computer before you get the app.


  • Download /install Supertintin, you will access the software from its official website, it is available for windows


  • Once the installation of the app is through, click the Allow access button to approve the software in Skype.


  • Now you will see a simple interface when it’s done, proceed not until you make a Skype call, however you will see a start button that you may click on for the app to start recording although it begins recording automatically.


Stop the call

Of course, when recording a Skype conversation, the end results will always be to stop it, store it and listen to it the future. Now when you finish your Skype recording, you will click on the stop button to terminate the recording. After that simple process, the Skype recordings will be saved in a folder on your computer. To re-watch the recorded files, simply double click on the folder that has your recordings and reminisce the moments that were recorded.

Advantages of Supertintin

  • This is amazing software because not only will it record both your video and audio Skype conversations, but will also record all streams of your Skype calls for example, voice mails as well as video chat messages making sure you do not lose any media data during your Skype recording sessions.
  • Some people say that using a Skype recorder that does not record in high-quality is a waste of time, and i strongly agree with them because when you record calls and the sound is bad, it clearly means the recorded files won’t work or be of help in the future. And here, with Supertintin Skype recorder, your worry of having a recorder that does not record in high-quality will be no more since it’s what it does best. Recording Skype conversations in good quality and store them on your computer’s HD for easy access.


If you are thinking of getting a Skype recorder that will solve all your recording problems, Supertinin Skype recorder comes handy. The program records smoothly and automatically. The ideal thing is that it can record up to 10ways group video Skype calling. It also ensures good work in comparison to other Skype recorder applications out there.


AthTek call recorder is a remarkable application that is so excellent we don’t wish to inform you anything extra about it. The program is compatible with windows, so if you are a window’s user, this tool will surely work best for you. It allows its users to have both their video and audio Skype conversations recorded smoothly. This is something everyone desires in a Skype recorder. People want to have their video calls recorded so that they are able to watch them in the future which remind them of the past. Professionals are always thrilled by the same thing because they can record conferences and interviews using video call to keep their files for future reference. it records everything you see during a video Skype call as well as aid to change the video Encoder smooth Skype video recording production. It records all Skype conversations in high-quality which makes the results worth listening to eventually.

In addition, the app has a really simple interface; stop thinking how you will manage to use it because you are a new user. Relax, the tool will simplify everything for you when you think you are ready to make your Skype call, it will automatically record whichever Skype call you will have. Be it video, audio, incoming or outgoing. It will just start recording directly as soon it detects that there is a Skype call running, it allows you to edit the recordings too by adding anything you find cool that would make your recorded file interesting, you can add things like names, cool sound etc and also upload them onto the site for your colleagues to view. AthTek call recorder for Skype is really an advanced application and well designed for people who want their Skype call recordings to be organized all day, every time.

Features of AthTek Skype Recorder

  • The most interesting feature i really liked in AthTek Skype recorder is its ability to respond to my calls like a robot when i was away from my computer. I found this really cool because I personally sometimes find myself not in the moods of talking to people and this is where the software comes in to play the role for me. So, if you also ever find yourself in the same situation whereby you don’t feel like talking, feel at home because this app will answer the Skype calls for you in just a blink of an eye.
  • The program will record all your Skype chat messages if you prefer to keep them for some kind of revision in the future, okay, let’s assume you just want to go back to your old messages and re- read through because I know that’s want some people do when they want to remember about a person they could be missing at that particular time.
  • With this tool, it is possible to record your Skype conversations in various formats for example OGG, AVI,WMA, MP3. In fact, users are also allowed to record from windows medial player, internet streaming etc.
  • When I talked about the automatic recording earlier, I forgot to mention about its other recording capabilities. This program also supports manual recording, mainly for all those people who may deliberately not want to record their Skype conversations automatically and they may need to change the settings. Once users change the settings to manual recording that means it will require them to always first click on the record button for the app to start recording their Skype conversations.
  • AthTek skype recorder allows users to take quick/short notes during a Skype recording, it is a favorable feature if you’re the type who enjoys taking notes to help you remember the details discussed over the call. It can also be of use when you have to record a Skype interview or a lesson. You will be content after the Skype conversation recording knowing that whatever was important while recording was noted down.

Disadvantages of AthTek Skype Recorder

  • Upgrading to AthTeck paid version is costly compared to other Skype recorders available.


AthTek Skype Recorder software is one of the soft ware’s that have been around the longest and thus it is the most recommended one in the world. Hopefully you have got the answers in this article why users recommend it more to record Skype conversations.

















Evaer Skype recorder is designed to give you the best experience in recording Skype conversations. The program is compatible with windows and has been greatly treasured in the market of Skype recorders. You can record both video and audio Skype conversations with this tool. It comes in two versions of which they both still record your Skype conversations but the free trial version does not offer unlimited calling, yet with the paid version you will record as long as you want without limit, so once you see the difference in these two versions, you are free to upgrade. It has been able to maintain its high-quality recording which has made users like it even more. Whether the call is recorded in separate files or side by side, it will still ensure good high-quality. You will get more attached to this Skype recording software because of what it’s capable of doing like taking screen captures during both video and audio Skype conversation recording and recording both the Skype calls in AVI/mp4 format.

Regardless of the type of Skype call you want to record for example voice mails or Skype video chats, the program will make it possible for you and it will as well store them precisely on your desktop. Evaer Skype recorder keeps track of literally everything you do; it pays very close attention and will quite often reveal that attention I am talking about in many surprising ways. Every time you will make a Skype call, the tool will to start to record the Skype conversations automatically without you getting involved in clicking the record button. Secondly, it will also send a chat reply to your contacts or to the people who try to reach you when you move away from your computer. One of the best unique strategic experiences you could ever get in Skype recorder.

Features of Evaer Skype recorder

  • Clearly, a simple interface paves the way for everyone. This program is very simple and extremely user-friendly. Its set up is just obvious and all the buttons are right in front of you once the installation is done. Users will not find it complicated at all once they decide to use it for recording their Skype conversations.
  • Evaer Skype recorder works with all the versions of Skype, so be sure it will work for you regardless.
  • Of course, you can view your video during a Skype call recording with Evaer Skype recorder; it helps users to trim out un-wanted segments that they don’t find important to keep.
  • As always, the tool will record your Skype conversations in high-quality and will as well store your audio Skype conversations in the common Mp3 file format, then the video calls in AVI format.
  • Evaer is certainly the best recorder to record your Skype interviews and personal conversations because it will record automatically and with so many options to explore during the recording session for example, record Remote sound-only, Local sound-only as well as both sides sound. So if you find the recording options interesting, then this is definitely the recording tool you need to install on your computer.
  • Instead of having boring Skype call recording sessions, you can now start to share files during your recording for example music and images that could spice it up.

Advantages of Evaer

  • Evaer Skype recorder is simple to download
  • Video and audio Skype high-quality
  • It has an automatic answer
  • Intuitive interface
  • You can hide or show the app window during the Skype call recording.
  • Evaer Skype recorder supports (windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, windows, windows XP and windows Vista) 32 or 64 bit.

Disadvantages of Evaer

  • Evaer’s Demo version offers only 5 minutes Skype call recording for each call.
  • Mac OS and Linux users are not compatible, you need to be a windows user for the application to perform.


Evaer Skype Recorder is remarkably true to its users, with automatic default settings that encourage you to record podcasts, interviews, video Skype calls, lessons and conferences etc with zero doubt. It is clean and tireless. It is good for people who want a good straightforward recorder.


Vodburner is very easy to use and i strongly believe that everybody knows how this application has made it on top to be one of the most famous recording tools in the world through providing efficient service. The app will allow its users to record video and audio Skype conversations without any complications. It installs perfectly and fast, however it might require you to restart your computer and after it installs, Vodburner can be ready to record the Skype calls.

The software will automatically record the Skype conversations immediately you make a call or when you receive a Skype call and it will capture the videos too as it saves in mp4 format. Its recorded files are in high quality whenever it records and the stored files can be edited to your standards at anytime. Besides editing the Skype video recorded files, you can too upload them to your YouTube account.

Features of Vodburner

  • Vodburner skype recorder allows users to capture their videos in maximum resolution.
  • MP4 & WMA format can optionally be used to record video and audio Skype conversations.
  • The built-in options help users to edit their recorded Skype calls.
  • It allows you to add names, subtitles as well as change the background of the recording.
  • Vodburner allows users to record Skype calls and upload them on YouTube for different people to view the files.
  • With Vodburner you can as well set up templates with tags.

Learn to use Vodburner

  1. Checkout Vodburners simple interface

  1. Download Vodburner software here
  2. After it downloads, click on the installations file two times to now install on your windows.
  3. On the top right corner of the main window in Skype, you will see a pop-up message asking you to Allow access. Click on the button and Vorburner will connect to Skype.

  1. Not so long you will again see a vodburner toolbar which lets you record a Skype video and end it at anytime by clicking on the pause / stop button provided.
  2. And to change the automatic settings of your Skype recording, you simply disable the automatic recording and to make other interesting settings, go to the Options window from options then config options in Vodbuerner toolbar window.
  3. So now start your call, but remember that it will start recording automatically like i mentioned earlier which is suitable for you.

  1. To end the call after you have finished recording click the stop button.
  2. It will be stored on your computer and you will have the ability to edit it by adding whatever you may like, for example, background music, names, memos plus videos.


  • Vodburner allows you to record video and audio for free.
  • Its interface is quite simple and not strained with any one thing that is nonessential.
  • It comes with an automatic default setting, so it records everything automatically, e.g incoming and outgoing plus video and audio Skype conversations.


  • We all know that Vodburner is a great tool but it has a problem of watermarking recorded Skype videos.

What to do before you record.

  • Make a test call recording before the real call just to make sure the recording quality is clear and that there are no other issues to disorganise you.
  • Try to let the other person know before you start recording the Skype call.
  • Look for a quite place with enough light that will make your Skype video clear and audible enough.


Vodburner will allow you to record, edit and share your Skype conversations at any time. The app offers you with all the readiness you have been longing for in a Skype recorder.




Amolto is an efficient application which you can simply use to record your Skype conversations. The tool is well designed to record your Skype conversations. It is compatible with windows and always ready to record the conversations you attempt to make in Skype. You can record your Skype conversations automatically or you can enable the manual option. It has a simple interface which can be used by anyone.

Amolto recorder has two editions, the free trial and the premium edition. With the trial version, you are free to record Skype audio conversations without limit automatically and you will also be able to manage your call history etc.  The premium version gives you access to various features for example, you can manage to record video Skype conversations plus group video conversations and so much more. If you want to upgrade to the full version of Amolto which has no functional limitations when recording Skype calls, you will have to invest in some cash to use it for a lifetime.

How to initiate?

  1. Install Amolto app on your PC
  2. Authorize it to work in Skype by clicking on the Allow access button
  3. After run Amolto and click on the text that will say app is not activated
  4. Enter one of the keys that are provided below
  5. Then click on the Activate button
  6. It is that simple, right?


  • Amolto Skype recorder starts recording Skype conversations immediately you begin a call on Skype.
  • The software is a great option for end-users who are searching for a tool that can record both video and audio Skype conversations.
  • All Skype conversations recorded using Amolto recorder is ensured to be in super high-quality audio format to meet the certainty of the Skype call.
  • Whether you are inexperienced or experienced, you will find this application really user-friendly because it comes with such a simple interface
  • There is no limitation on Skype recording duration. The app allows you to record freely just to make sure you never lose a minute of Skype recording conversation.
  • It makes everything precise for you, users can easily search for their recorded call history and add quick notes as well as mp3 tags just to make the recordings appear different.
  • Amolto Skype recorder is also compatible with other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications.


  • The free trial version of Amolto does not support video Skype call recordings, if you want to enjoy both video and audio Skype recordings, then you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

Test call

I personally first test call before i get prepared to make a Skype call or call somebody, the reason i find this very vital is to avoid the unavoidable circumstances during my recording sessions, i bet that it would make you feel really unhappy if you begun your interview Skype call recording and then you realise that the app was not recording or there are some issues during the call recording. And it would be late for you to make it right. What i am trying to mean here is, always endeavour to test call before the actual call recording so that when you discover some problems, you are able to fix them right before.


Amolto recorder is one of the most famous softwares you can use to record your Skype conversations effortlessly. The app is free to download and very reliable. To start making changes in your life by saving important information on your computer for future reference, install Amolto Skype recorder today.


IFree Skype recorder is the first one in the whole world to be totally free. It is sleek and convenient software for recording Skype conversations in MP3 file format. If you have been searching for a full package tool that can record your Skype conversations without any functional limit, it is iFree Skype that will come to your rescue, the tool will enable you to record your video and audio Skype calls with limitless duration. You are free to record as many Skype calls as you want while using it. So it basically helps you to record those interesting conversations you could have with friends and then watch them in the future to have a fresh memory. Its interface is simple and it will record all the Skype conversations automatically in high quality sound. If required, you can disable the automatic recording feature from settings, and record the Skype calls manually.

Features of iFree

  • iFree comes with two recording options which are, automatic and manual, automatic recording will directly start recording your Skype conversations the minute you begin a call whereas with the manual recording, you will have to start the recording button manually. So the tool leaves the ball in your hands to choose what you desire.
  • The app offers you with various recording sides’ e.g SkypeIn or SKypeOut, Skype2Skype calls. Etc.
  • It saves Skype audio conversations in Mp3 file format using the Lame mp3 Encoder.
  • iFree recorder makes it simple for the users to track their recorded history since it records all the details.
  • It also has a built-in audio player which enables users to share their files with friends.

Record with iFree

iFree Skype recorder is compatible with windows7, win 2003, win XP, win Vista and win 2000 and only takes 915kb of your computers space.

  • Downlaod and install ifree on your windows
  • When it’s done installing, just sign in to Skype and then click on the Allow access button.
  • After clicking the button, you would have authorized the app, and before you attempt to make a call, click on config
  • Now make a Skype call and the app will start recording automatically. However, you can decide to select manual or automatic recording.
  • Ensure that both sides of the call are being recorded during a Skype conversation recording.
  • The pause button is provided to help you pause your recording in case of anything. And the clock button will allow you to review the previously recorded Skype conversations.
  • When you are content with your Skype recording and want to end it. Click on the Stop button then create or find any folder on your desktop to store your mp3 files. And if you want to playback in the future. Open the folder to listen to them once more.


  • iFree Skype recorder is absolutely free, it lets you record all you want at a free cost
  • Once you begin a Skype conversation in Skype, this tool will automatically start recording the calls for you.
  • All users can use the app, whether new or advanced, you will be able to install it and record your Skype conversations because it is straightforward.
  • It captures both Skype calls during a Skype conversation as it stores them as mp3 stream on your computer.


  • To have a successful video recording, both users must turn on the video mode. If it is only one user with the video mode and the other person has not turned it on, then it will not record.


iFree Skype recorder is brief and has a simple interface which is highly recommended by many users in the world.  You can begin to record your Skype conversations using this tool by just a single click away!


Pamela is an application devoted to people who want clean and user-friendly software that can record their audio and video Skype conversations without any difficulties. This type of software is compatible on windows Vista, 7 & 8, 10 with 32 or 64 bit rate and not only does it support Skype call recording but also allows you to preview your recorded Skype conversations, also enables podcasts/blogging. The app can be downloaded as a free trial just to test how it performs. It is simple and handy for recording Skype conversations that could be used for personal and professional use e.g conferences.

Possibly, the most exciting feature of Pamela is that it’s extremely easy to use. The app offers its users two different ways of recording their Skype conversations. It has automatic and manual recording. With automatic recording, the calls are recorded as soon as you commence a call in Skype. And with the manual recording, it has to be done manually by clicking the start button.

Pamela has four different editions; the free version of Pamela is useful because it helps you to try it out before upgrading to the paid versions. The difference between the paid version and the free trial one is that the paid version allows users to record Skype conversations for unlimited period of time whereas the free trial version only supports recording calls for a short time.


  • Pamela Skype recorder will send to your Skype contacts a convenient chat message when you are unavailable informing them that you are not on your computer.
  • Unlike other Skype recorders which only allow audio calls for free trial, Amolto offers you with both video and audio Skype call recording.
  • It is different from other recorders because it is capable of playing sounds during your Skype recording which alert you that your call is being recorded.
  • You will not miss any chance to wish your friends a happy birthday when using this app since it comes with a reminder to remind you always when the date is due.
  • It allows users to rename their recordings the way they want for quick search.


  • The software needs no extra hand, it records calls automatically.
  • No need to worry about the quality, that is exactly what the app is good at, recording Skype conversation in high-quality.

Why you need to record calls.

I know most of you know exactly what you want, and it will not take you any second to start recording your Skype conversation, however there are a few people who still don’t find a reason why they should record the calls they have on Skype. Well if you asked me if you should record your calls, my answer would definitely be a big Yes. Anyways, here is why you need to record that call that could help you in the future.

  • Recording interviews has always been important to us, i suggest you make it a point to record interviews because once they are recorded; they make us learn from our mistakes we could have made.
  • Record conferences and lessons, this also helps to keep memories so that when you want to make clarity about something or memorize your notes. You just go back to your recorded files and watch them again.


DO NOT start or try to record the Skype conversations without the other persons consent. Always tell people that you are about to record the call so that they do not feel offended. In most countries it is unlawful to record calls. So letting them know prior to your recording also awakens their mind to be careful on whatever might come out of their mouth during the recording period.


Pamela is exceptional Skype call recording application that enables users to store their important conversations in high-quality. Try it and you will not regret!


Callnote Skype recorder is simple and reliable software on windows, cleverly arranged for business & personal use. It is a free app that works into Skype and allows users to record audio & video Skype conversations including voice mails and Skype chat messages. While recording Skype calls with callnote, you will be able to capture images too and review them for later. It will record Skype conversations in high quality and store them in either Dropbox / Evernote account of which could be shared on your other platforms such face book and YouTube, besides recording Skype calls, Callnote also allows users to take snapshots of their recordings during the video recording sessions. It is interesting because you can right away take snapshots of special significance during your recording. The snapshot button is available and visible on the interface if you have been wondering how to take them.

How to install

If you want to record your Skype conversations using this application, download it from the official website to your computer and click on the button that is on the right to register & install the software. You will get the app at a free cost and just make sure to follow the simple interface and fill in the correct information for your Skype. Once the installation of the app is done, you will be prompted to click on the Allow access button in Skype so that the app is authorized, and after all that process, callnote will be ready to start recording your Skype conversations and store them on your computer for future reference.

Share Files

The most interesting thing about this recorder is that after you record your Skype conversations, you can store your recorded files on Evernot / Dropbox . And this gives you the chance to share the recorded files on your social media i.e Facbook for all your friends to watch them.


  • The tool allows users to take instant snapshots during a Skype recording sessions.
  • Callnot also allows users to edit their chat messages and add their own quick memos after the recording for easy access in the future, whereby if the user wants to look for a specific recording, they just type in what they renamed the file with.
  • You can record all your Skype conversations automatically unless you prefer it the other way round, recording them manually of which it requires you to click on the start button.
  • The app lets its users to store their Skype recordings in Dropbox and share them on YouTube or Facebook.
  • It is also possible to record eight parties at the same, this is really ideal for conferences as well as group Skype conversations etc.
  • The tool literally records away almost everything while using it for example chats, shared screen media data etc.
  • Callnote Skype recorder will also store the call’s names, duration as well as the call time for future usage.
  • Last but not least, the software comes with a pause feature which allows the end users to pause their Skype recordings when they get an emergency in the middle of the Skype recording session. And after you pause, it still lets you to resume the recording and continue from exactly where you stopped.


  • Callnot premium version is not free; it requires payment to start using it.


Callnote Skype recorder is a certified application that grants you with extraordinary service. If you have been searching for a tool for not only recording Skype conversation but also store chat messages, Callnote is the ideal tool for you.















Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder is a great video recording application accessible for windows. It is a powerful tool used to record both video and audio Skype conversations. The program is easy to use and free from spyware and adware meaning that your machine will be safe while using it. it will record your Skype calls in high qualityand you will be able to also pause during your recording sessions. Essentially this app comes with just 3 buttons which are the Start, pause and Stop button which can easily be operated. It is compatible with win7, win8 and win Vista. Users are allowed to pause and resume their Skype conversation recordings in case of any important emergency. They can resume the recording and it will guarantee you with the exact media data you were recording before pausing it. It also stores Skype audio conversations separately from videos. i.e the audio recordings are always stored in MP3 format, and then the video files in MP4 format.

How to Record using Dvdvideosoft

  • To download Dvdvideosoft recorder, first have Skype on your windows.
  • Download/install Dvdvideosoft software on your PC
  • Now launch the app to connect with Skype.
  • After launching it, you click the Dvdvideosoft icon on your computer.
  • You will then see a very simple interface with Start, pause & stop buttons plus various lists of recording modes to select from.
  • After you have chosen the recording mode you prefer recording from, you again choose the output folder.
  • Once you are done with that step, the app will be ready to record your Skype calls.
  • Begin a Skype call, and then click on the start recording button
  • The pause button is there to help you when you want to first finish other stuff, you click pause and when you ready to resume you still click the button.
  • Now, when you done with recording, you simply click the stop button to end the recording and it will appear in the output folder.
  • To review the recordings for a playback in the future, just click the show in folder button and you will be good to go with your memories.

Advantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • The app supports both video and audio Skype recording
  • It recording Skype conversations in high quality
  • Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder is powerful and easy to download.
  • It comes with a convenient video editor with simple functions.
  • It offers unlimited Skype conversation recording to its users.
  • With this app, you will have much different picture action such as GIF & Photo resize that will make your Skype recordings outstanding.

Disadvantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • The free trial version does not offer unlimited services, to experience a lifetime service, you need to upgrade.
  • The app doe not record automatically, you need to click on the start button first.
  • The app only works on windows PC.
  • This app will hide your Skype call recordings only if you do not create a specific folder on your computer. Whenever you record, make sure to first create a folder on your desktop for quick access.


Dvdvideosoft recorder is a wonderful app to use for recording your Skype conversation recording. The software has exciting features and does not accommodate any viruses for the secure of your machine. I recommend this app because it is one of the best tools you can could ever have in the market.