10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows

A screen recording software is one which simply records what is on the screen and saves the recording in various formats. It also has the capability of recording certain parts of the screen, a window application and at times the webcam.

The best screen recorders share certain attributes which include the option of editing and annotating videos after screen recording, creating videos in common file types as well as filming picture-in-picture so as to capture video from both the computer screen and webcam. This article reviews the software for screen recording with a bias to their features and usability.

This is because the importance of screen recorded videos for learning or explaining concepts cannot be understated especially when it comes to visual and auditory learners. Such videos are quite excellent in demonstrating tutorials in a step-by-step manner thus enhancing understanding. They also help in sharing pointers and tricks for playing certain games thus are of utmost importance to gamers.

In addition to that, videos captured by screen recorders can also be used in the demonstration of software to individuals as well as tips and tricks when using such software, in recording problems with any software or your computer for the purpose of showing tech support and also for recording product reviews.

The screen recordings can then be used in any manner one wishes such as uploading to YouTube or social media platforms as well as uploading to learning resources online and courses. Here is a list of some of the popular screen recording software for Windows.



One of the most advanced screen recording software for the Windows platform is no doubt Ezvid. Other than being the coolest in the market, it offers a host of video editing options once one is through recording high-resolution videos on the computer’s monitor. You can easily edit your video by adjusting the playback speed, adding image slides as well as texts among others.

As such, video creation goes a step further than just recording. Furthermore, the software allows you to directly upload screen recorded videos directly to YouTube as well as save to the hard drive for later use making it quite functional in creating YouTube channels for almost any subject. With Ezvid, you can also record a portion of the screen and has the additional functionality which enables you to screen draw with ease.

Added to this, the software also records voice over the microphone as well as the webcam which makes it imperative in the creation of curated content for websites and social media as well.

Due to the fact that you can screen record as well as edit the videos in an intuitive and interactive way with the software, it can certainly be said that there are few competitors and those that come close cannot compare.



TinyTake is arguably one of the best screen recording software on the Windows platform mainly because it comes packed with much more features in addition to providing the screen recorded videos.

Regional recording of activities that are happening on a highlighted portion of the screen is made possible and you can also add a voice over to the video as well. Annotation of the screen recorded videos is very easy using TinyTake. You only annotate and move the annotations to point to specific parts of the video frame and you have the option of determining when they appear and disappear.

Therefore, recording screen videos for demos or product reviews is usually quite simple using this tool. Furthermore, sharing or storing your recordings is also quite simple such that once one is done recording they can either share the files to the hard drive or share via email to others.

Bulk file sharing is also a key feature and this allows you to create a community for any instructional screen recording you make.


TalkHelper Screen Recorder

talkhelper screen recorder

The NO.1 screen recording software for Windows has to be TalkHelper screen recorder[www.talkhelper.com/screen-recorder.html]. The software not only allows the recording of the whole screen but also has the capability of recording selected regions on the screen as well as video annotation capability and webcam and microphone recording as well.

This ensures that picture in picture screen recording is not only easy but also intuitive using the program thereby making the production of tutorials or instructional videos quite simple.

This is because you can add any narration to the recording as well as insert annotations on any frame of the video to enable your audience to get the gist of what your video. The recordings can be saved to the computer’s hard drive or shared to other sites via email thus ensuring the distribution of your content.

TalkHelper Screen Recorder also allows you to record from your webcam thus enabling you to provide information on tutorials when screen recording. Therefore, its HD screen recordings, as well as the ability to edit videos and the various formats one can save the recorded files, makes TalkHelper the popular software.


Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio can be said to be among the top screen recording software that requires minimum effort when recording professional videos of any activity on your computer’s monitor. In addition to screen recording, the software has an option of creating interactive clips with links that are clickable and this makes it generate suitable content for purposes of learning in schools as well as workplace videos with external links.

It also has the ability to import video in high definition into the screen recording from external sources. Camtasia records on multiple video and audio tracks and has simple animated items that are easy to incorporate such as scrolling text and callouts. Furthermore, it contains a Google drive integration for the purposes of saving files in the cloud and has a free app for mobile devices screen recording.

This software can be regarded as a good tool for streaming games while recording as well as a must-have for online educators and bloggers that use professional videos for their professions. This is because viewers are much more engaged to blogs, reviews, tutorials as well as lessons with professional screen recorded videos because they add to the presentations and provide much more informative content that is appealing to the target audience.


OBS Studio

OBS studio comes in as one of the free screen recorders for recording streaming games as well as any other screen activity one wishes to record. The amazing thing about it is that there are no restrictions on the video length that can be screen recorded and this makes it more versatile since it can handle streaming games that have long durations and also lengthy lessons for online classes.

The software records screen videos in HD as well thus making the quality of the output top notch. Furthermore, it is a free software and open source which makes it completely free to use. OBS studio also has the ability to record from the graphics card of the computer and this enables it to screen record games running in full-screen mode.

With this option, there are customizable hotkeys that allows one to control the recording. In addition, it can make use of multi-core CPUs thus improving its performance and making it one of the most powerful screen recorder for people that love games and it also has the capacity of recording at 60FPS and higher.


FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express can be described as the good screen recording software that is packed with features ideal for its desired purpose. Its interface is not only simple but also well designed making it an option for people that have never screen recorded a video before. The software allows one to record from the whole screen, a selected region on the screen, a webcam as well as an open window on the screen.

There are also no time limits to the screen recordings thus one is at liberty to record any length of footage. Furthermore, no watermarks appear over the video output and hence it produces professional screen-captured videos.

A simple editor shows you the recording and has options for cropping or trimming the video as suits one’s needs and this is followed by the options of either saving it on your computer or exporting it to YouTube or an FTP server. One can export files in MP4, AVI, as well as WMV formats, thus removing the need for separate video converters once one is done screen recording.

Additional options with the software include automatically obscuring passwords entered onscreen, hiding desktop icons and highlighting the cursor hence making it easy to follow it during recording.



ShareX can be said to be one if the free screen recorders in the Windows platform. In addition to recording any region of the screen, it also allows you to upload multiple file types to multiple destinations depending on the file type.

ShareX has various capture methods which include but are not limited to fullscreen, active window or monitor, scrolling capture, and text capture.

Scrolling capture is a feature you would find quite useful when producing educational material that requires you to scroll past various items when recording. Recording GIFs is easy with the program and the text capture feature uses OCR (optical character recognition). Therefore, after a screen capture, you can easily obtain the text in the image accurately and upload the text to any destination.

It also comes with a special feature called “Workflows” which allows you to customize hotkeys and set the after capture as well as upload and capture tasks. With this, you are able to easily and seamlessly record and save to a specified folder on your PC or upload to a specified destination without having to do it manually.


Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is not only one of the top screen recording software available but is also one of the few that lets you select any audio when screen recording. As such, the audio input can be selected from either the microphone, the computers speakers or mouse clicks.

This, therefore, allows you to either provide a narration for the video being screen recorded when you select the microphone, a feature that I found exceptional when preparing video tutorials as well as academic material with powerpoint presentations.

In addition to screen recording, footage from other inputs such as DVD players, webcam and streaming internet content can be easily recorded with the software since everything can be controlled with the record, pause and stop buttons.

It also has webcam overlay that allows you to simultaneously record the screen and the webcam which works well for teaching something as well as providing explanations to the items on the screen.


Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Just as the name suggests, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a browser-based screen recorder that only requires the installation of a launcher to start using it. Three simple steps are required when recording a screen video and they include hitting the start recording button followed by customizing the region and mode of recording and finally saving the video or uploading it to supported sites.

The screen recording option allows you to record in full-screen mode as well as a region on the screen, webcams and focusing around the mouse.

Recording a section of the screen requires you to adjust the size, pixel height, and width of a rectangle or a preset shape around the portion you want to be recorded with an overlay covering the screen. Instructional videos are also easy to create due to its ability to screen record simultaneously with webcam recording as well as providing a voice over when you select both the speakers and microphone as the audio sources.

Furthermore, the webcam picture can be resized to specific requirements hence making it easier to prepare video tutorials. Screen recorded videos can be exported in various formats to the cloud or saved to the hard drive after one is through.



SmartPixel screen recorder is designed for either recording gameplay, webcams and any activity on the screen. D3D recording technology allows it to seamlessly record PC games in high quality due to its compatibility with the games.

Other than gameplay, the software also screen records the full screen, a region selected on the screen as well as webcam videos with the audio being selected from either the computer’s speakers or the microphone. Furthermore, one can use the available video effects to spice up their screen recordings when preparing tutorials or recording just for fun.

This requires one to navigate to the record settings button where the brightness can be adjusted as well as the resolution and the frame rates giving rise to high-quality screen recorded videos.

SmartPixel is also equipped with a video editor which has the capability of turning a novice into a pro video editor due to its ease of use. It allows you to manipulate the video by adding filters, subtitles, merging it with another video or splitting the video as well as adding background music, audio or sound effects and much more.


Factors to Consider when choosing the best Screen Recorder

There are various factors that guide one in the selection of the suitable screen recording software for Windows operating system and they include the ability to edit and annotate screen recorded videos, picture in picture capturing, ability to create videos in various file types that are common and the most important factor is the quality of the recorded videos.

  1. Quality of recordings

The most important factor in any software for screen recording is the quality of the videos being recorded. As such, software such as TalkHelper and OBS studio produces some of the high definition recordings thereby making them stand out.

The quality ensures that there is a difference between professional looking videos and others that lack appeal. Furthermore, quality screen recorded videos can be shared easily and to all networks compared to low-quality videos.

  1. Picture in picture recording

The screen recording software must have the capability of recording both the webcam and the screen simultaneously and perfectly as well. As such, when looking for one, ensure that it can simultaneously record the screen and the webcam while providing sound overlay from either the microphone or the computer’s speakers.

This is because the production of instructional tutorials and other material requires picture in picture recording.

  1. Video editing capability

There are screen recorders that allow one to edit their videos whereas others lack such a feature and those without this can as well be ignored because this is one of the main things to consider when choosing one.

A screen recorder must have editing functionalities for annotating videos, adding sounds and music files, editing out parts of the video or even adding pictures or videos to the screen recording. This is quite important in the production of an instructional video and software with this feature make it to the top of the list. With this, you can add commentaries, provide a narration, remove unwanted parts, add voice-overs or an audio file to the recording and much more thereby making one a professional video editor in a few minutes.

  1. Supported File Types

Screen recording software with the ability to create videos in a variety of commonly used file types such as MP4, AVI, WMV and more are among the best. This is because such videos can easily be viewed either using the software or any other software without the need to convert them so as to make them viewable.

Furthermore, unsupported file types for videos require another tool for conversion and this should be avoided by getting one that creates in common file types.

  1. Supported Windows Operating Systems

Even though Windows 10 is among the most widely used OS at the moment, there are many that still use Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows. As such, it is imperative to consider the functionality of the software across the different operating systems in the event that one uses an earlier version or an older version.

As such, those that run across the various platforms without dropping their functionality can be said to be the best screen recorders. Therefore, you should consider the operating system being used as well and how the recorders function in such systems.

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