Amolto is an efficient application which you can simply use to record your Skype conversations. The tool is well designed to record your Skype conversations. It is compatible with windows and always ready to record the conversations you attempt to make in Skype. You can record your Skype conversations automatically or you can enable the manual option. It has a simple interface which can be used by anyone.

Amolto recorder has two editions, the free trial and the premium edition. With the trial version, you are free to record Skype audio conversations without limit automatically and you will also be able to manage your call history etc.  The premium version gives you access to various features for example, you can manage to record video Skype conversations plus group video conversations and so much more. If you want to upgrade to the full version of Amolto which has no functional limitations when recording Skype calls, you will have to invest in some cash to use it for a lifetime.

How to initiate?

  1. Install Amolto app on your PC
  2. Authorize it to work in Skype by clicking on the Allow access button
  3. After run Amolto and click on the text that will say app is not activated
  4. Enter one of the keys that are provided below
  5. Then click on the Activate button
  6. It is that simple, right?


  • Amolto Skype recorder starts recording Skype conversations immediately you begin a call on Skype.
  • The software is a great option for end-users who are searching for a tool that can record both video and audio Skype conversations.
  • All Skype conversations recorded using Amolto recorder is ensured to be in super high-quality audio format to meet the certainty of the Skype call.
  • Whether you are inexperienced or experienced, you will find this application really user-friendly because it comes with such a simple interface
  • There is no limitation on Skype recording duration. The app allows you to record freely just to make sure you never lose a minute of Skype recording conversation.
  • It makes everything precise for you, users can easily search for their recorded call history and add quick notes as well as mp3 tags just to make the recordings appear different.
  • Amolto Skype recorder is also compatible with other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications.


  • The free trial version of Amolto does not support video Skype call recordings, if you want to enjoy both video and audio Skype recordings, then you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

Test call

I personally first test call before i get prepared to make a Skype call or call somebody, the reason i find this very vital is to avoid the unavoidable circumstances during my recording sessions, i bet that it would make you feel really unhappy if you begun your interview Skype call recording and then you realise that the app was not recording or there are some issues during the call recording. And it would be late for you to make it right. What i am trying to mean here is, always endeavour to test call before the actual call recording so that when you discover some problems, you are able to fix them right before.


Amolto recorder is one of the most famous softwares you can use to record your Skype conversations effortlessly. The app is free to download and very reliable. To start making changes in your life by saving important information on your computer for future reference, install Amolto Skype recorder today.

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