AthTek call recorder is a remarkable application that is so excellent we don’t wish to inform you anything extra about it. The program is compatible with windows, so if you are a window’s user, this tool will surely work best for you. It allows its users to have both their video and audio Skype conversations recorded smoothly. This is something everyone desires in a Skype recorder. People want to have their video calls recorded so that they are able to watch them in the future which remind them of the past. Professionals are always thrilled by the same thing because they can record conferences and interviews using video call to keep their files for future reference. it records everything you see during a video Skype call as well as aid to change the video Encoder smooth Skype video recording production. It records all Skype conversations in high-quality which makes the results worth listening to eventually.

In addition, the app has a really simple interface; stop thinking how you will manage to use it because you are a new user. Relax, the tool will simplify everything for you when you think you are ready to make your Skype call, it will automatically record whichever Skype call you will have. Be it video, audio, incoming or outgoing. It will just start recording directly as soon it detects that there is a Skype call running, it allows you to edit the recordings too by adding anything you find cool that would make your recorded file interesting, you can add things like names, cool sound etc and also upload them onto the site for your colleagues to view. AthTek call recorder for Skype is really an advanced application and well designed for people who want their Skype call recordings to be organized all day, every time.

Features of AthTek Skype Recorder

  • The most interesting feature i really liked in AthTek Skype recorder is its ability to respond to my calls like a robot when i was away from my computer. I found this really cool because I personally sometimes find myself not in the moods of talking to people and this is where the software comes in to play the role for me. So, if you also ever find yourself in the same situation whereby you don’t feel like talking, feel at home because this app will answer the Skype calls for you in just a blink of an eye.
  • The program will record all your Skype chat messages if you prefer to keep them for some kind of revision in the future, okay, let’s assume you just want to go back to your old messages and re- read through because I know that’s want some people do when they want to remember about a person they could be missing at that particular time.
  • With this tool, it is possible to record your Skype conversations in various formats for example OGG, AVI,WMA, MP3. In fact, users are also allowed to record from windows medial player, internet streaming etc.
  • When I talked about the automatic recording earlier, I forgot to mention about its other recording capabilities. This program also supports manual recording, mainly for all those people who may deliberately not want to record their Skype conversations automatically and they may need to change the settings. Once users change the settings to manual recording that means it will require them to always first click on the record button for the app to start recording their Skype conversations.
  • AthTek skype recorder allows users to take quick/short notes during a Skype recording, it is a favorable feature if you’re the type who enjoys taking notes to help you remember the details discussed over the call. It can also be of use when you have to record a Skype interview or a lesson. You will be content after the Skype conversation recording knowing that whatever was important while recording was noted down.

Disadvantages of AthTek Skype Recorder

  • Upgrading to AthTeck paid version is costly compared to other Skype recorders available.


AthTek Skype Recorder software is one of the soft ware’s that have been around the longest and thus it is the most recommended one in the world. Hopefully you have got the answers in this article why users recommend it more to record Skype conversations.
















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