Callnote Skype recorder is simple and reliable software on windows, cleverly arranged for business & personal use. It is a free app that works into Skype and allows users to record audio & video Skype conversations including voice mails and Skype chat messages. While recording Skype calls with callnote, you will be able to capture images too and review them for later. It will record Skype conversations in high quality and store them in either Dropbox / Evernote account of which could be shared on your other platforms such face book and YouTube, besides recording Skype calls, Callnote also allows users to take snapshots of their recordings during the video recording sessions. It is interesting because you can right away take snapshots of special significance during your recording. The snapshot button is available and visible on the interface if you have been wondering how to take them.

How to install

If you want to record your Skype conversations using this application, download it from the official website to your computer and click on the button that is on the right to register & install the software. You will get the app at a free cost and just make sure to follow the simple interface and fill in the correct information for your Skype. Once the installation of the app is done, you will be prompted to click on the Allow access button in Skype so that the app is authorized, and after all that process, callnote will be ready to start recording your Skype conversations and store them on your computer for future reference.

Share Files

The most interesting thing about this recorder is that after you record your Skype conversations, you can store your recorded files on Evernot / Dropbox . And this gives you the chance to share the recorded files on your social media i.e Facbook for all your friends to watch them.


  • The tool allows users to take instant snapshots during a Skype recording sessions.
  • Callnot also allows users to edit their chat messages and add their own quick memos after the recording for easy access in the future, whereby if the user wants to look for a specific recording, they just type in what they renamed the file with.
  • You can record all your Skype conversations automatically unless you prefer it the other way round, recording them manually of which it requires you to click on the start button.
  • The app lets its users to store their Skype recordings in Dropbox and share them on YouTube or Facebook.
  • It is also possible to record eight parties at the same, this is really ideal for conferences as well as group Skype conversations etc.
  • The tool literally records away almost everything while using it for example chats, shared screen media data etc.
  • Callnote Skype recorder will also store the call’s names, duration as well as the call time for future usage.
  • Last but not least, the software comes with a pause feature which allows the end users to pause their Skype recordings when they get an emergency in the middle of the Skype recording session. And after you pause, it still lets you to resume the recording and continue from exactly where you stopped.


  • Callnot premium version is not free; it requires payment to start using it.


Callnote Skype recorder is a certified application that grants you with extraordinary service. If you have been searching for a tool for not only recording Skype conversation but also store chat messages, Callnote is the ideal tool for you.














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