Evaer Skype recorder is designed to give you the best experience in recording Skype conversations. The program is compatible with windows and has been greatly treasured in the market of Skype recorders. You can record both video and audio Skype conversations with this tool. It comes in two versions of which they both still record your Skype conversations but the free trial version does not offer unlimited calling, yet with the paid version you will record as long as you want without limit, so once you see the difference in these two versions, you are free to upgrade. It has been able to maintain its high-quality recording which has made users like it even more. Whether the call is recorded in separate files or side by side, it will still ensure good high-quality. You will get more attached to this Skype recording software because of what it’s capable of doing like taking screen captures during both video and audio Skype conversation recording and recording both the Skype calls in AVI/mp4 format.

Regardless of the type of Skype call you want to record for example voice mails or Skype video chats, the program will make it possible for you and it will as well store them precisely on your desktop. Evaer Skype recorder keeps track of literally everything you do; it pays very close attention and will quite often reveal that attention I am talking about in many surprising ways. Every time you will make a Skype call, the tool will to start to record the Skype conversations automatically without you getting involved in clicking the record button. Secondly, it will also send a chat reply to your contacts or to the people who try to reach you when you move away from your computer. One of the best unique strategic experiences you could ever get in Skype recorder.

Features of Evaer Skype recorder

  • Clearly, a simple interface paves the way for everyone. This program is very simple and extremely user-friendly. Its set up is just obvious and all the buttons are right in front of you once the installation is done. Users will not find it complicated at all once they decide to use it for recording their Skype conversations.
  • Evaer Skype recorder works with all the versions of Skype, so be sure it will work for you regardless.
  • Of course, you can view your video during a Skype call recording with Evaer Skype recorder; it helps users to trim out un-wanted segments that they don’t find important to keep.
  • As always, the tool will record your Skype conversations in high-quality and will as well store your audio Skype conversations in the common Mp3 file format, then the video calls in AVI format.
  • Evaer is certainly the best recorder to record your Skype interviews and personal conversations because it will record automatically and with so many options to explore during the recording session for example, record Remote sound-only, Local sound-only as well as both sides sound. So if you find the recording options interesting, then this is definitely the recording tool you need to install on your computer.
  • Instead of having boring Skype call recording sessions, you can now start to share files during your recording for example music and images that could spice it up.

Advantages of Evaer

  • Evaer Skype recorder is simple to download
  • Video and audio Skype high-quality
  • It has an automatic answer
  • Intuitive interface
  • You can hide or show the app window during the Skype call recording.
  • Evaer Skype recorder supports (windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, windows, windows XP and windows Vista) 32 or 64 bit.

Disadvantages of Evaer

  • Evaer’s Demo version offers only 5 minutes Skype call recording for each call.
  • Mac OS and Linux users are not compatible, you need to be a windows user for the application to perform.


Evaer Skype Recorder is remarkably true to its users, with automatic default settings that encourage you to record podcasts, interviews, video Skype calls, lessons and conferences etc with zero doubt. It is clean and tireless. It is good for people who want a good straightforward recorder.

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