IFree Skype recorder is the first one in the whole world to be totally free. It is sleek and convenient software for recording Skype conversations in MP3 file format. If you have been searching for a full package tool that can record your Skype conversations without any functional limit, it is iFree Skype that will come to your rescue, the tool will enable you to record your video and audio Skype calls with limitless duration. You are free to record as many Skype calls as you want while using it. So it basically helps you to record those interesting conversations you could have with friends and then watch them in the future to have a fresh memory. Its interface is simple and it will record all the Skype conversations automatically in high quality sound. If required, you can disable the automatic recording feature from settings, and record the Skype calls manually.

Features of iFree

  • iFree comes with two recording options which are, automatic and manual, automatic recording will directly start recording your Skype conversations the minute you begin a call whereas with the manual recording, you will have to start the recording button manually. So the tool leaves the ball in your hands to choose what you desire.
  • The app offers you with various recording sides’ e.g SkypeIn or SKypeOut, Skype2Skype calls. Etc.
  • It saves Skype audio conversations in Mp3 file format using the Lame mp3 Encoder.
  • iFree recorder makes it simple for the users to track their recorded history since it records all the details.
  • It also has a built-in audio player which enables users to share their files with friends.

Record with iFree

iFree Skype recorder is compatible with windows7, win 2003, win XP, win Vista and win 2000 and only takes 915kb of your computers space.

  • Downlaod and install ifree on your windows
  • When it’s done installing, just sign in to Skype and then click on the Allow access button.
  • After clicking the button, you would have authorized the app, and before you attempt to make a call, click on config
  • Now make a Skype call and the app will start recording automatically. However, you can decide to select manual or automatic recording.
  • Ensure that both sides of the call are being recorded during a Skype conversation recording.
  • The pause button is provided to help you pause your recording in case of anything. And the clock button will allow you to review the previously recorded Skype conversations.
  • When you are content with your Skype recording and want to end it. Click on the Stop button then create or find any folder on your desktop to store your mp3 files. And if you want to playback in the future. Open the folder to listen to them once more.


  • iFree Skype recorder is absolutely free, it lets you record all you want at a free cost
  • Once you begin a Skype conversation in Skype, this tool will automatically start recording the calls for you.
  • All users can use the app, whether new or advanced, you will be able to install it and record your Skype conversations because it is straightforward.
  • It captures both Skype calls during a Skype conversation as it stores them as mp3 stream on your computer.


  • To have a successful video recording, both users must turn on the video mode. If it is only one user with the video mode and the other person has not turned it on, then it will not record.


iFree Skype recorder is brief and has a simple interface which is highly recommended by many users in the world.  You can begin to record your Skype conversations using this tool by just a single click away!

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