Mp3 Skype recorder is easy to use software on windows. The tool comes with a simple interface that can be handled by everyone; it does not matter whether you are a new user or an advanced one. You will still be in position to use it and everything about this tool is direct so you will not find any troubles once you decide to use mp3 Skype.

If you are the kind of person who uses Skype to interact with friends and relatives all the time, this is the software that would be handy for you. It will allow you to record all those Skype conversations you keep having on Skype and later re watch them in the future as reference or just memories.

The software guarantees to record Skype conversations automatically as soon as you start a Skype conversation. Is it just amazing how you can just call or receive a Skype call and then the app starts recording them without you having to first set it, i think it is a convenient feature more so when it comes to recording stuff like interviews and conferences, but, it also gives you the freedom to change the automatic recording if at all you find it inconveniencing and enable the manual recording.

Mainly, the software records video and audio conversations you make in Skype and store them for a quick playback in case you need them; the audio Skype calls are stored in the mp3 file format using the Lame mp3 encoder. As you record your Skype conversations, the sound quality will remain perfect which makes the recordings clear enough. Now, stop looking anywhere else and install Mp3 Skype recorder on your computer to start storing your interviews and personal conversations for future use, it is 100% compatible with windows vista, windows XP and windows 7 etc.

Features of MP3 Skype Recorder

  • Mp3 Skype recorder will give you the total satisfaction of recording Skype conversations at a free cost; this tool will let you enjoy your recording moments without any panic because it is unlimited. Not only will this app record p2p calls but also conferences & SkypeOut conversations ensuring good high-quality sound.
  • Another fantastic feature about mp3 Skype recorder is that, you will not have to only focus on Skype recording but also you will try to do other proceedings at the same time of your recording. The app can be invisible during you recording which allows you to open various web pages on your computer, play music and games.
  • It has a pause button which most people look for in Skype recorder, no person wants to have a recorder which does not free them while recording Skype calls. It is a common thing to pause calls when you get interruptions, so basically, this tool is offering you with all the little details you might be critical about. When you record, you will be able to click the pause button and also resume when you are ready to continue with your Skype recording conversations. Making your life much easier whenever you get to record a call.

Disadvantages of Mp3 Skype Recorder

  • The most irritating thing about mp3 Skype recorder is that it has very many ads, they keep on popping up which is something users have complained about.
  • When you start recording your Skype conversations with this app, i think it’s best to inspect if the recording is in the process because it will not notify you during the recording. So imagine, it did not notify you and also the recording is probably not taking place, by the time you realise it would be late or you will even be about to end the call which would result into frustration.


Mp3 Skype Recorder software provides you with all the Skype recording services or functions you need in a recorder. The program will store your Skype calls in the compact & commonly used format. I promise you, you will not regret using it for recording your calls. it is lightweight and contains no virus which may damage you computer in the long run. I propose you install it and experience the good work it has to offer you during your Skype recording.








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