Callnote Skype recorder is simple and reliable software on windows, cleverly arranged for business & personal use. It is a free app that works into Skype and allows users to record audio & video Skype conversations including voice mails and Skype chat messages. While recording Skype calls with callnote, you will be able to capture images too and review them for later. It will record Skype conversations in high quality and store them in either Dropbox / Evernote account of which could be shared on your other platforms such face book and YouTube, besides recording Skype calls, Callnote also allows users to take snapshots of their recordings during the video recording sessions. It is interesting because you can right away take snapshots of special significance during your recording. The snapshot button is available and visible on the interface if you have been wondering how to take them.

How to install

If you want to record your Skype conversations using this …


Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder is a great video recording application accessible for windows. It is a powerful tool used to record both video and audio Skype conversations. The program is easy to use and free from spyware and adware meaning that your machine will be safe while using it. it will record your Skype calls in high qualityand you will be able to also pause during your recording sessions. Essentially this app comes with just 3 buttons which are the Start, pause and Stop button which can easily be operated. It is compatible with win7, win8 and win Vista. Users are allowed to pause and resume their Skype conversation recordings in case of any important emergency. They can resume the recording and it will guarantee you with the exact media data you were recording before pausing it. It also stores Skype audio conversations separately from videos. i.e the audio recordings are always stored in MP3 format, and then the …


TalkHelper is on e of the best recorders on windows. This application allows users to record Skype conversations smoothly, it records both video and audio calls automatically once it detects that you have a made a Skype call and stores the recordings in AVI files with XVID codec supported.. It offers you with both recording capabilities, automatic and manual but you have to choose one, you either select automatic or manual. You disable the automatic to enable manual recording if it’s what you prefer. Furthermore, the software records from inside Skype making sure it captures every video frame as well as stores audio calls in WAV/MP3 files format with either Mono or Stereo options supported. TalkHelper comes in two versions, the free trial version and the premium version. TalkHelpers free version allows users to enjoy test recording for 7 days without any functional limitations. The premium version offers all the other interesting features for a lifespan.

How to use Talkhelper