Pamela is an application devoted to people who want clean and user-friendly software that can record their audio and video Skype conversations without any difficulties. This type of software is compatible on windows Vista, 7 & 8, 10 with 32 or 64 bit rate and not only does it support Skype call recording but also allows you to preview your recorded Skype conversations, also enables podcasts/blogging. The app can be downloaded as a free trial just to test how it performs. It is simple and handy for recording Skype conversations that could be used for personal and professional use e.g conferences.

Possibly, the most exciting feature of Pamela is that it’s extremely easy to use. The app offers its users two different ways of recording their Skype conversations. It has automatic and manual recording. With automatic recording, the calls are recorded as soon as you commence a call in Skype. And with the manual recording, it has to be done manually by clicking the start button.

Pamela has four different editions; the free version of Pamela is useful because it helps you to try it out before upgrading to the paid versions. The difference between the paid version and the free trial one is that the paid version allows users to record Skype conversations for unlimited period of time whereas the free trial version only supports recording calls for a short time.


  • Pamela Skype recorder will send to your Skype contacts a convenient chat message when you are unavailable informing them that you are not on your computer.
  • Unlike other Skype recorders which only allow audio calls for free trial, Amolto offers you with both video and audio Skype call recording.
  • It is different from other recorders because it is capable of playing sounds during your Skype recording which alert you that your call is being recorded.
  • You will not miss any chance to wish your friends a happy birthday when using this app since it comes with a reminder to remind you always when the date is due.
  • It allows users to rename their recordings the way they want for quick search.


  • The software needs no extra hand, it records calls automatically.
  • No need to worry about the quality, that is exactly what the app is good at, recording Skype conversation in high-quality.

Why you need to record calls.

I know most of you know exactly what you want, and it will not take you any second to start recording your Skype conversation, however there are a few people who still don’t find a reason why they should record the calls they have on Skype. Well if you asked me if you should record your calls, my answer would definitely be a big Yes. Anyways, here is why you need to record that call that could help you in the future.

  • Recording interviews has always been important to us, i suggest you make it a point to record interviews because once they are recorded; they make us learn from our mistakes we could have made.
  • Record conferences and lessons, this also helps to keep memories so that when you want to make clarity about something or memorize your notes. You just go back to your recorded files and watch them again.


DO NOT start or try to record the Skype conversations without the other persons consent. Always tell people that you are about to record the call so that they do not feel offended. In most countries it is unlawful to record calls. So letting them know prior to your recording also awakens their mind to be careful on whatever might come out of their mouth during the recording period.


Pamela is exceptional Skype call recording application that enables users to store their important conversations in high-quality. Try it and you will not regret!

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