Supertintin Skype Recorder is one of those applications that provide both video and audio Skype calls on windows. For that matter, it is widely used to record people’s conversations that they can always refer to in the future. The program is skilful and has a direct interface that does not require much to do when you install it. Calls you make in Skype are automatically recorded by Supertintin. It does that every time you begin a Skype call, you must wonder how? Well, automatic recording is its default setting so whether it’s incoming or outgoing, the app will just record the Skype call, although it also supports manual recording, like the sayings goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” precisely meaning not everyone would prefer their calls to be recorded automatically, other people will want to record their Skype calls manually because it’s what they feel comfortable with for personal reasons.

With this tool you will be able to record video Skype calls in the mode that you think is excellent, you will have options to choose from like remote only, local only, picture in picture or side by side mode. You are free to explore them all to finally settle with one during your Skype video recording conversation.

Furthermore, you will find Supertintin Skype recorder in two versions; it all depends on what your motive is. There is the free trial version which allows users to record calls for free for a limited period of time which is just 15 minutes. I find it worthy regardless because it gives you a hit on how the software works and want you would expect it to do if you ever make up your mind and upgrade, then the other version is the one that you pay for and lets you record unlimitedly both video and audio Skype conversations.

How to Use Supertintin to Record Skype Calls

Supertintin is very easy to install on your windows that it will just be a walk-over.


  • First of all, have Skype on your computer before you get the app.


  • Download /install Supertintin, you will access the software from its official website, it is available for windows


  • Once the installation of the app is through, click the Allow access button to approve the software in Skype.


  • Now you will see a simple interface when it’s done, proceed not until you make a Skype call, however you will see a start button that you may click on for the app to start recording although it begins recording automatically.


Stop the call

Of course, when recording a Skype conversation, the end results will always be to stop it, store it and listen to it the future. Now when you finish your Skype recording, you will click on the stop button to terminate the recording. After that simple process, the Skype recordings will be saved in a folder on your computer. To re-watch the recorded files, simply double click on the folder that has your recordings and reminisce the moments that were recorded.

Advantages of Supertintin

  • This is amazing software because not only will it record both your video and audio Skype conversations, but will also record all streams of your Skype calls for example, voice mails as well as video chat messages making sure you do not lose any media data during your Skype recording sessions.
  • Some people say that using a Skype recorder that does not record in high-quality is a waste of time, and i strongly agree with them because when you record calls and the sound is bad, it clearly means the recorded files won’t work or be of help in the future. And here, with Supertintin Skype recorder, your worry of having a recorder that does not record in high-quality will be no more since it’s what it does best. Recording Skype conversations in good quality and store them on your computer’s HD for easy access.


If you are thinking of getting a Skype recorder that will solve all your recording problems, Supertinin Skype recorder comes handy. The program records smoothly and automatically. The ideal thing is that it can record up to 10ways group video Skype calling. It also ensures good work in comparison to other Skype recorder applications out there.

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