TalkHelper is on e of the best recorders on windows. This application allows users to record Skype conversations smoothly, it records both video and audio calls automatically once it detects that you have a made a Skype call and stores the recordings in AVI files with XVID codec supported.. It offers you with both recording capabilities, automatic and manual but you have to choose one, you either select automatic or manual. You disable the automatic to enable manual recording if it’s what you prefer. Furthermore, the software records from inside Skype making sure it captures every video frame as well as stores audio calls in WAV/MP3 files format with either Mono or Stereo options supported. TalkHelper comes in two versions, the free trial version and the premium version. TalkHelpers free version allows users to enjoy test recording for 7 days without any functional limitations. The premium version offers all the other interesting features for a lifespan.

How to use Talkhelper

  • Download &Install TalkHelper software on your windows PC
  • Once it has finished installing, launch the app & connect it to Skype
  • You will get a pop up notification to take you through the set-up process
  • Click on the “allow access” button to authorize the software connect to Skype.
  • The moment you authorize TalkHelper, it means you are ready to make Skype calls and it will record.
  • Start a Skype call now to see the app begin to record automatically.
  • While recording your Skype conversation, the app gives you the opportunity to pause and resume by clicking on the pause button. You are free to pause whenever you feel like there is something more important you need to finish, after you resume the recording.
  • When you are done with recording the Skype call, you can simply click on the Stop button to end the recording.
  • Your recording will automatically be saved on your computer for quick retrieval in the future.

Advantages of TalkHelper

  • TalkHelper allows users to record both video and audio Skype conversation
  • This software records in super high quality
  • It comes with an automatic chat reply that often replies you contacts when you are not available.
  • The program allows group video call recording which is good for conferences, as well as lessons.
  • It comes with a beautiful and simple interface, all users who have used this app have witnessed that it installs perfectly without any difficulties.
  • The app has manual and automatic recording. Automatic recording precisely means your calls will be recorded automatically without you having to first click the record button. And the manual recording requires your hand for it to start recording.

Disadvantages of TalkHelper

  • TalkHelper is not compatible with Mac
  • The tool has no recording notification feature. So when you are recording Skype calls, do not expect any sound to warn you that it has started recording.
  • It is virus free, you computer will still be safe when you download it.
  • The premium version is expensive.


TalkHelper is a significant Skype plug-in that ensures high quality recording. It is handy and convenient in every way. Install this app on your computer and start recording your important Skype conversations to playback in the future when required.






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