The Best PDF To Word Converter With OCR Integrated in 2019


There are moments you need to work on different projects, and you need to convert a PDF into an editable word document. Mostly, the aim is to correct the PDF and have an updated learning material. In such a situation, you google the best PDF to Word converters free download (source article). Mostly, the lists are somehow similar to the programs doing almost the same functions.

In this case, our article focuses on these features, then gives reasons why these PDF to Word converters need to be your choice for your projects. Notably, most PDF to Word converters work in two different versions. The paid version performs a significant role as compared with the free version which has limited functionalities. In this article, we compel a list of the best PDF to Word converters ideal for your projects.

SmallPDF PDF To Word Converter


A software with superb features and easy to use tools never misses in our list of the best PDF to Word converters. The Small PDF converter is one powerful software that performs multiple functionalities with ease.

The software combines editing documents and converting files in different formats. The primary conversion is the PDF to Word format. This software doesn’t require any registration nor sign-ups hence you can perform your conversion with ease.

One outstanding feature that makes the Small PDF converter the best PDF to Word converter is the ability to share billings and incorporate multiple user management and functionalities.


  • Simple to use software


WPS PDF to Word Converter


The WPS PDF to Word Converter is one incredible kind of software you should never fail to download. It comes with robust features enabling PDF to Word conversion as well as DOCX and RTF conversions.

This software is not only compatible with windows but also with the android devices. Smartphone users can attest that this software produces quality word documents precisely the same as the PDFs.

The pictures on the PDFs are well-aligned, well written and with the expected format. The free WPS PDF to Word converting application can convert up to 5 pages, and if upgraded, more pages can be converted.



As the name suggests, this is a software that concentrates on the conversion of PDF to editable word documents. With this niche, the software generates a high output from the software.

Once you download the PDF2Doc software, you can get the opportunity to work on more than 20 files all at once. The good thing about using PDF2doc online converting software is that even after converting 20 data, all files maintain the format and the font of the original PDF document.

Despite having all the functionalities you would need, the pop-up ads on the website is a disappointing element in the site. To beat the displaying ads, install ad-blockers, and you will be good to go.


  • The program is compatible with windows devices as well as Android devices.
  • The PDF to Word conversion is generally fast compared to other converters.
  • The Pdf2doc online converter can convert 20 PDFs to editable word documents all at once.


Free Online OCR


In our list, we must include the free PDF to Word converters to ensure all our readers get to learn on free converters they can use. In today’s agenda, the Free Online OCR happens to be one of our top picks converters. The software uses the optical character recognition technology to detect texts on the PDFs.

This technology allows only one conversion at a time. For those who would wish to know how to use this software, all you have to do is to choose the PDF needed for the conversion, select the     Word format then finish up the conversion by writing the Captcha.

The translation is fast, so you get a download link to the converted document. Despite the software having attractive features, sometimes you might find line breaks and rogue tabs on the final word document.


  • It’s free to use the program
  • Ideal software for small projects

UniPDF PDF To Word Converter


When choosing the best PDF to Word converting software, you might have noted that the application software is the best PDF converters as compared to many online converters. The UniPDF is a desktop application whose features are the best you can ever find.

This program never disappoints when it comes to maintaining the overall look of your PDF. It comes with a free trial. Thus you can download and check how it converts before upgrading to the paid version.

It’s important we also focus on the setbacks of the UniPDF pdf to word converter. In cases we have checked on the reviews from other users, we got complains that the app takes long to upload large document thus proving the application is generally developing to serve simple papers.


  • The final document has an impressive outlook especially for the texts and the images

TalkHelper PDF to Word Converter

In our intensive research on the best PDF to Word converter, the TakHelper software emerges as the best software to use. The program is cheaper as compared to other programs yet delivering incomparable better services.

If you opt to try working with the TakHelper PDF to Word converting software, you will realize how addictive it is to use since the software will deliver what you define quality work. Once you turn the files, you get to understand that the software doesn’t alter the fonts and the texts of the final document.

This alone makes the software outstanding and worth to spend. One unique advantage of using the TakHelper PDF to Word converter is that it’s possible to extract certain information from the PDF and avoid retyping the document.

Soda PDF to Word Converter

Soda PDF Converter_4

Marketing has played a vital role is exciting this PDF to Word converter. I’ve heard people reviewing the software even before trying it out. So we checked on it, and we can tell you for free, there is much that the software can do than what people know.

You can opt to download the desktop version or use the online version. However, the focus will be on the features that make this software the best in our list. This software allows PDF to Word conversion and ensures your conversions are secure by adding the watermark feature.

Icecream PDF Converter


As our focus lies on customer satisfaction, try out the Icecream PDF to Word converter. This software brings a new taste of PDF to DOCX, ODT and DOC conversions. Besides, it has the split box feature that alerts users which pages have been monitored and those waiting for more translations.

The software has numerous choices when it comes to language. This feature alone has attracted many users into downloading the app. The only set-back the software comes with is the ability to work on large files. Generally, the software works on the first ten pages well but can have problems when converting the rest.

The word output may come with texts but leave out the images in some cases. In such a case, make the Icecream PDF to Word converter your favorite app in your small, simple projects.



With the above analysis on the best PDF to Word converter, choosing the best software becomes a straightforward thing. The setbacks should not hinder you from trying out the software and get to have personal experience.

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