Vodburner is very easy to use and i strongly believe that everybody knows how this application has made it on top to be one of the most famous recording tools in the world through providing efficient service. The app will allow its users to record video and audio Skype conversations without any complications. It installs perfectly and fast, however it might require you to restart your computer and after it installs, Vodburner can be ready to record the Skype calls.

The software will automatically record the Skype conversations immediately you make a call or when you receive a Skype call and it will capture the videos too as it saves in mp4 format. Its recorded files are in high quality whenever it records and the stored files can be edited to your standards at anytime. Besides editing the Skype video recorded files, you can too upload them to your YouTube account.

Features of Vodburner

  • Vodburner skype recorder allows users to capture their videos in maximum resolution.
  • MP4 & WMA format can optionally be used to record video and audio Skype conversations.
  • The built-in options help users to edit their recorded Skype calls.
  • It allows you to add names, subtitles as well as change the background of the recording.
  • Vodburner allows users to record Skype calls and upload them on YouTube for different people to view the files.
  • With Vodburner you can as well set up templates with tags.

Learn to use Vodburner

  1. Checkout Vodburners simple interface

  1. Download Vodburner software here
  2. After it downloads, click on the installations file two times to now install on your windows.
  3. On the top right corner of the main window in Skype, you will see a pop-up message asking you to Allow access. Click on the button and Vorburner will connect to Skype.

  1. Not so long you will again see a vodburner toolbar which lets you record a Skype video and end it at anytime by clicking on the pause / stop button provided.
  2. And to change the automatic settings of your Skype recording, you simply disable the automatic recording and to make other interesting settings, go to the Options window from options then config options in Vodbuerner toolbar window.
  3. So now start your call, but remember that it will start recording automatically like i mentioned earlier which is suitable for you.

  1. To end the call after you have finished recording click the stop button.
  2. It will be stored on your computer and you will have the ability to edit it by adding whatever you may like, for example, background music, names, memos plus videos.


  • Vodburner allows you to record video and audio for free.
  • Its interface is quite simple and not strained with any one thing that is nonessential.
  • It comes with an automatic default setting, so it records everything automatically, e.g incoming and outgoing plus video and audio Skype conversations.


  • We all know that Vodburner is a great tool but it has a problem of watermarking recorded Skype videos.

What to do before you record.

  • Make a test call recording before the real call just to make sure the recording quality is clear and that there are no other issues to disorganise you.
  • Try to let the other person know before you start recording the Skype call.
  • Look for a quite place with enough light that will make your Skype video clear and audible enough.


Vodburner will allow you to record, edit and share your Skype conversations at any time. The app offers you with all the readiness you have been longing for in a Skype recorder.



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